Hike of birds

See several species of birds …

ave 5Our tour begins at the restaurant with several species of hummingbirds.
The first part of the path is a path between the primary forest and pasture. Later there is a 14 year old secondary forest and we got on a high place, which is very good place to see birds such as Tucan, White Hawk and more.

We are part of the Costa Rican Bird Route. Here you can see a list of birds that we have on the farm.

ACTIVITIES Explanation
Activity category: hike for people of all age
Distance: 1 km
Required: Binoculars and camera


arbolSe sugiere llevar:

  • Comfortable footwear for hiking
  • Insect repellent (preferably natural repellent)
  • Drinking water
  • Sun blocker
  • Hat or cap

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