Some years ago …

It was in1950 when the father and mother of Don José Miranda came to this paradise near the community of Virgen del Socorro. In this beautiful place full of peace, love and surrounded by a rich natural setting, Don José and his six brothers were born, grew up and had their families.


By 2000, Don José and his wife María Isabel had decided to embark on a marvelous adventure: caring for the beautiful forest that saw them come into this world and work to protect it from hunters and plant poachers.

“Today they have 3 cabins and the family home. The cabins are equipped to house up to 4 people and the house is fully equipped with a kitchen and refrigerator and space for 8 persons.”

From that moment on, they had a difficult but gratifying task ahead of them. In a little while, si esperarlo, tourists began to arrive who were interested in seeing the home of the family that was putting a stop to hunting and protecting nature.

This is how Don José and his wife suddenly became involved in the world of rural sustainable tourism and began to have big dreams.